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    “We need to talk. It's about your drinking.” Conveying to an emperor of denial that he's not wearing any clothes, will deliver the same result as a hand grenade with a loose pin—it's gonna blow! Hence the arrival of a SWAT team on the front lawn.

    Again and again our femme protagonist calls on instincts, wit and compassion to navigate: the splash zone of alcoholism, unbelievable betrayal, divorce court without a lawyer (that always goes well), single parenting, and more twists hurled by a narcissist with his back up.

    Seeking to break off her chains of codependency, Jessica (Rochelle's name in the narrative) pursues therapy with Dr. Rachel Phoenix, slayer of head games. The New York doc offers insights as sharp as her high-end shoes. A vibrant, playful reemergence is captured as Jess tries dating a woman, is pursued by a millionaire, and then, there's the hot young contractor who showed up at the right time with the right, ah...tools. Notable are the community members—neighbor, lawyer, judge, Vietnam vet, real estate broker—all creating a link towards this endearing family's wellness.

    SHOT GLASS is an intimate memoir of courage, fallible choices and altruism with gemstones of humor. It reminds us that forgiveness can change a life. See why readers claim, I couldn't put this book down!

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    Author's Note

    This book has taken five years to write. My intention is to demonstrate that we all have the power to pull others up. Sometimes, we start with ourselves.
    This intimate read requires a cozy nook, a cup of tea, and a seatbelt.
  • Reader Reviews

    "Loved it" ~ Chirp Audio


    "Couldn't stop listening"~ Chirp Audio


    "Captivatingly written and narrated!" ~ Kobo


    "Should be on every high school reading list"~Chirp


    "Demonstrates writer's instincts that you can't teach."- Janet Benton, author, editor


    “Rochelle has succeeded in capturing a zillion nuances and emotions, thought out so thoroughly and so deeply…weaving compassion, wit and insights.” - Ann Robertson, Ebook Launch editor


    "Much more than a book on a shelf." - Professor of Literature, Georgetown University


    “Rendered my blood pressure medicine ineffective!” - RF Studio


    “Speaking as a person with substance abuse history and as a current divorce attorney, this book did a great job at illustrating the humanity behind the facts and the emotional toll on everyone involved…the book I have been looking for professionally…I recommended it to colleagues half way through!” ~ Attorney, Amazon reader


    "A MUST READ! TALENTED NEW AUTHOR!"~ Amazon reader


    "Master story-teller. Riveting Perception!"~ Good Reads/Barnes & Noble


    "A compelling read… The descriptive story telling is filled with strength, humor and insight. The children's responses will pull at your heartstrings." ~ MKS Amazon Reader


    “Captivating from beginning to end—as if standing there, witnessing everything happen before my own eyes!” LiAnn at Martino Cartier


    "Professors and teachers of Psychology should make this book a required read for their classes" ~ teacher, Barnes & Noble reader


    "I loved reading Shot Glass...a very exciting, thrilling, and suspenseful book–highly recommend!! ~ college student, Barnes & Noble reader


    "Rochelle is a master story-teller...able to weave humor and compassion throughout. ...Rochelle tackles the demon of alcoholism with courage, strength, and a sense of humor." Good Reads, teacher.


    "Rarely do I find a book that I can’t put down. Rochelle describes in raw, sometimes humorous detail her painful journey with a secret alcoholic husband and father of three young children. It is part thriller, part mystery, but pure nonfiction. It is a story of a courageous woman who single-handedly sets out to make life better for her children, her family, and herself. A truly inspiring must read. “ ~ Professor of law


    " * * * * * " ~ Book Shout


    "Engaging, captivating and raw… Rochelle is able to paint such a picture that it puts you right there, grabbing your attention from the very beginning."~ Amazon review


  • Rochelle

    is an occupational therapist, an ashtanga yogi, playwright, and gardener. She is raising three amazing kids. Shot Glass was awarded two National Indie Excellence Awards (N.I.E.A.): Divorce category and Addiction & Recovery category.

    Rochelle received 3rd place for the 91st Writer's Digest Competition 2022 for her personal piece: Olga's Therapy in the Inspirational/Spiritual category.

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