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    An occupational therapist, yoga instructor and mother of three confronts him, “We need to talk. It's about your drinking.” Conveying to an emperor of denial that he's not wearing any clothes, will deliver the same result as a grenade with a loose pin—it's gonna blow!—which would explain a SWAT team in the front yard. That's just the beginning.


    Pulling no punches and without any emotional letup, psychologically nuanced writing navigates five years of guts and wit as she deals with the splash zone of alcoholism, legal chaos from “the incident”, deceit in many forms, single parenting, divorce court without a lawyer (that always goes well), and poignant therapy sessions with Dr. Rachel Phoenix who offers insights as sharp as her shoes. A vibrant, playful re-emergence is brought to light when she is pursued by a millionaire, tries dating a woman and then, there’s the hot young contractor.


    SHOT GLASS reads as an intimate, immersive story of courage, compassion, forgiveness and altruism. Everyone deserves a chance at sobriety, wellness, and a path free from judgements…as a woman and mother of an endearing family, that gets tested.


    Facts: More than 15 million people in the US struggled with alcohol use disorders; fewer than 8% received treatment (CDC, January 2018). According to the US Justice Department, 4 million women were threatened by a firearm, 1 million of whom were actually shot, or shot at, during the incident (January 2019).



    Author's Note


    This book has taken five years to write and edit; never underestimate editing! My creative goal was to push memoir genre boundaries by infusing multiple plot arcs, developed characters, and sensitive emotional dialogue in a narrative carriage of multi-sensory detail. The layers of psychological undertones and complex dialogue scenes are of organic origin and have been scrutinizingly polished. The craft and story alignment meet the book's intention: to demonstrate that we all have the power to pull others up.

    Sharing this story is meant to disarm you, capture you, and invite you to an inner exploration of what we each choose to do and why. The plot pacing turns pages as if a novel of fiction, yet it is not. Names and some details have been changed to provide a layer of protective privacy for my family.

    Recommendations for this intimate read: a cozy nook, a cup of tea and a seatbelt.

  • Advance Reader Reviews

    Engaging, captivating and raw are only a few of the words that describe this powerful read which is also heartbreaking at times but with touches of humor and wit woven throughout. Rochelle is able to paint such a picture that puts you right there, grabbing your attention from the very beginning.~ Amazon review

    "Demonstrates writer's instincts that you can't teach."- Janet Benton, author, editor


    “* * * * * Captivating from beginning to end!—as if I was standing there witnessing everything happen before my own eyes!” LiAnn at Martino Cartier


    “Rochelle has succeeded in capturing a zillion nuances and emotions, thought out so thoroughly and so deeply…weaving compassion, wit and insights in a compelling story telling voice.” - Ann Robertson, Ebook Launch editor


    “Rendered my blood pressure medicine ineffective!” - RF Studio


    "* * * * *Rochelle is a master story-teller...able to weave humor and compassion throughout. ...Rochelle tackles the demon of alcoholism with courage, strength, and a sense of humor." ~ Susan, teacher, Good Reads reviewer


    “Speaking as a person with substance abuse history and as a current divorce attorney, this book did a great job at illustrating the humanity behind the facts and the emotional toll on everyone involved…the book I have been looking for professionally…I recommended it to colleagues half way through!” ~ Attorney, Amazon reader




    "* * * * * A very compelling read… The descriptive story telling is filled with strength, humor and insight. The children's responses will pull at your heartstrings." ~ MKS Amazon Reader


    "* * * * * Congratulations to this BRILLIANT new author whose writing this book brings to the forefront the need for women to take a stand... Professors and teachers of Psychology should make this book a required read for their classes...The characters come alive in her detailed depth and analogy of each situation presented. "Shot Glass" may just help someone you know develop the strength they need to move forward with their lives." ~ teacher, Barnes & Noble reader


    "* * * * * I loved reading Shot Glass...a very exciting, thrilling, and suspenseful book - highly recommend!! ~ college student, Barnes & Noble reader


    " * * * * * Rochelle gives excellent insight to what it is like to have a relationship with an addict. She finds a way to do what is best for her children, to support her husband… She writes the layers of both the children and the adults beautifully." ~ Jamie, Good Reads review


    "Much more than a book on a shelf." - Professor of Literature, Georgetown University

     " * * * * *! " ~ Book Shout

    " * * * * * … couldn't put it down ! " ~frequent comment of Barnes and Noble, Good Reads and Amazon readers

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    is an occupational therapist with over 25 years experience, a yoga instructor, playwright, gardener, budding traveler, and is raising three amazing kids. She has trained their kitten, Athena, to play fetch with wrapped candy. Athena was named such after Rochelle attended a writing conference in Greece.

    Thrilled to join the diverse world of Indie-authors, Rochelle is honored to be a recipient of two National Indie Excellence Awards (N.I.E.A.). One award for the Divorce category and another for Addiction & Recovery.

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